Training to SPEAK UP!


Fellow Speaker,

Here is a fundamental truth:   

“If you want to be heard you’ve got to SPEAK UP!

Indeed, how often when you need to speak up, when called upon to assert yourself does your courage fail, important words elude you, and the moment passes leaving you feeling beaten and deflated? Yet at such critical junctures some people seem touched by a higher force, they are able to assert themselves, to communicate with passion and purpose, to connect with and influence others, quite simply they know how to SPEAK UP! 

SPEAK UP is thus the title given to this practical guide in professional public speaking. The principles contained within are practised by politicians, activists and evangelists – each masters of the art of public speaking. The essence of the book is to unleash the creative and liberating process that leads to powerful oral expression. To achieve this demands deepening self-awareness, growth in confidence, and the ability to channel the body’s movements, thoughts, and feelings to make the spoken word inspiring and compelling. 

What exactly is SPEAK UP? 

  • A practical guide to professional public speaking;
  • A series of challenges to test and stretch the reader’s skills;
  • 7 lessons in self-awareness, fluency, acting skills, mental rehearsal, speech-writing, persuasion, and self-evaluation;
  • A solid foundation that will transform the novice into an accomplished public speaker with practice;
  • And, learning aimed at those who need the speaking and influencing skills associated with politicians, activists, and evangelists.

If you are in the business, school or church communities and care passionately about the spoken word The Speakers College invites you to participate in our certificate and advanced certificate public speaking training programme. After all – If you want to be heard you’ve got to SPEAK UP! 

Bobby Livingston
The Speakers College


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