The Speakers College is dedicated to promoting the art of public speaking. The Speakers College invites the business, school and church communities to participate in its SPEAK UP! training programme. The programme is delivered over 7 easy lessons and can be completed by individuals and small groups. Full details of how you can participate in SPEAK UP! will be broadcast soon.


Bobby Livingston


The Speakers College


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4 responses to “SPEAK UP!

  1. Christine

    Well done, Bobby, on getting your blog up and running and getting the Speakers’ College off the ground.

    • thespeakerscollege

      Hi Christine,

      Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement. I’m looking forward to preaching the “gospel” of SPEAK UP! and reaching out to the world of people passionate about the spoken word in the business, school, church and political communities. Thanks for joining the journey.


    Bobby, Good luck with your new site. I hope to learn a bit about speaking to groups.

  3. thespeakerscollege

    Hi Carol,

    Thanks for your good wishes. Please stay tuned and I’ll reveal more about SPEAK UP! – my personal and group training programme in public speaking. Most importantly,when you speak to any group make sure you speak from the heart. It is only when you really mean what you say that you begin to persuade and connect intimately with your audience.

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