Twitter Twitter?


Fellow Speaker,

When you stand to speak do you Twitter Twitter?

I recently attended a marketing seminar where it soon became obvious the speaker adored the sound of his own voice. In the overheated room he fell in love with his arguments, the different angles and permutations of thought but sadly was forever going off on a tangent. I could see others begin to fidget, yawn and doodle on their notepads but oblivious to all this still he went on and on and on: Twitter Twitter!

I confess after half an hour I was completely lost. At first I thought he sounded clever, next confused and finally just downright annoying. I couldn’t wait for the coffee break and the earliest possible opportunity to escape. The sad thing was the guy really did know what he was talking about but he had forgotten the first rule of public speaking – keep it simple and never say too much.

Great speakers have focus. They never lose sight of their objective. Their vision is laser-like. They write in simple English and speak in an even “easier-to-understand” way. Barack Obama is a master of this particular art form. And let’s face it if speaking like that can get you elected to The White House why on earth, when you next stand to speak, would you want to Twitter Twitter?

Bobby Livingston
The Speakers College

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