Does your ANCHOR hold?

Fellow Speaker,

When you stand to speak does your ANCHOR hold?

As a child I attended first a Baptist and then an Evangelical church in my home town of Glasgow, Scotland. The sense of community seemed so much stronger back then: People looked out for each other, offered support, shared freely and on a Sunday we sang together as one big church family. The song I remember most of all is “Will your anchor hold?” by Owens (words) and Kirkpatrick (music.) I’m sure you know it too? The essence of the song is simple: Life is full of turbulence and without a personal anchor (God) you should expect to be blown away by it i.e. to have no chance of success.

The same is true of the art of public speaking – if you don’t have an “anchor” expect to fail. The “anchor” in public speaking, however, is the first few words and sentences you will utter. It is your direction, your purpose, the way ahead! Perhaps this type of anchor is the “Word God?” Regardless of this philosophical diversion what remains true is that to appear professional as a speaker you need to know your first words so intimately that even a bomb could go off and you would still be able to repeat them – these words are your “anchor.” They give you a solid start and the confidence to rise to the challenge and complete a great job of public speaking.

Next time you rise to speak don’t get blown away; instead, just make sure you know your beginning words and can thus answer “yes” to this question: Does your ANCHOR hold?

Bobby Livingston
The Speakers College


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2 responses to “Does your ANCHOR hold?

  1. This brings back old memories of cold Sundays in Sunday School singing out all the old favourite hymns. I’d forgotten this one till I read your article. It has given me a lovely trip down memory lane!

    • thespeakerscollege

      Hi Christine,

      Like you I love the old memories but particularly so when they reveal important lessons to me. I was granted a wonderful opportunity to hear talented speakers at an early age within the church and this has stayed with me and I feel shaped me. This is one of the reasons I want to use The Speakers College as a vehicle for school children’s education – it seems only fair that others too, at an early age, be exposed to this wonderful art called public speaking?

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