Now is the time to Speak from the Heart

Today, more so than ever before, men and women around the world are speaking up.

Words have become their defence.

For some, it is all they have.

Every day these people experience gross injustice, horrible insults, media manipulation and political decision making by those with vested interests. And sadly, the truth is the first casualty of this manipulation.

Brexit comes readily to mind: ‘An extra £350M per week to the NHS’.

As does the notion of Mexicans paying for an American built wall.

Or that Nicola Sturgeon is ‘The most dangerous woman in Britain’.

Manipulation to win folks over is as old as original sin.

Once you have sold folks the biggest lie you can sell them anything there after; they’ll even defend your insanity and argue for you against those pointing out legitimate holes in your arguments.

Win at all costs: It is a mantra more prevalent than it has ever been.

And this is where the connection with public speaking comes in: To be a capable speaker, one who is able to truly inspire, requires heart, but it also requires sound knowledge of sophistry and rhetoric and how these devices are used by arch manipulators to win their arguments. It is only then that one can see through the mists of deception and be able to counter falsehoods and manipulation with confidence.

And so, if you want to have a fighting chance in this modern, manipulative world learn to stand up and speak from the heart: a well spoken truth shines light on lies, deceit and manipulation.

Learning to Speak from the Heart will be the best decision you ever make.

It will be the best decision for the rest of us too.

So dear folks, keep standing up and speaking up; but most of all keep Speaking from the Heart.


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